Contract Management Masterclass Agenda

WELLINGTON | 9-10 December
AUCKLAND | 12-13 December 

On Day 1 we will look at the following topics:

Get Focused  

You have limited time and resources to ensure success. This session helps you prioritise where to focus your efforts
Setting up to manage
  • Understand the 12 areas of best practice and how to implement them into your organisation
  • Assessing your organisation against best practice to identify areas of improvement
  • Preparing a contract management strategy to support your strategic effort
  • Managing the contracting Lifecycle
  • Identify the phases and building blocks of best practice to engage during the full contracting lifecycle
  • Identify and manage the power curve in the commercial relationship

What we manage  

You will, in all likelihood, have to manage contracts that are not well written…moreover, ones that were not written to be easy to manage. This session goes through the key areas and challenges, generating solutions to your issues
Knowing everything that comprises a legal agreement
  • Understanding Estoppel (variation by conduct) and how to address this for to support the delivery business outcomes
  • Contract’ and ‘off-contract’ documents; understanding the implications and how to effectively navigate these best to mitigate risks
The conditions of a contract
  • Understand the legal fundamentals in contracting to reduce risks in the future
  • Identify potential impacts of these legal fundamentals to develop your risk mitigation strategy 
Specifications, Statements of Work (SoW’s), and Key Performance Indicator’s (KPI’s)
  • Identifying what is important and should be included to set the foundation the commercial relationship
  • Dissecting good and poor practices to determine how you can manage these in the future
Managing pricing options
  • Explore the various pricing models, and what is required to make these successful
  • Identify all contributing costs to calculate the total costs of the contract for a comprehensive evaluation of Return on Investment – it isn’t just the face value price

WELLINGTON | 9-10 December
AUCKLAND | 12-13 December 

With the learnings from the first day, Day two will cover: 


How we Manage – Formal and Informal Techniques

Both parties need to manage well if the deal is to succeed. This session dives into the interpersonal challenges and explores the design of efficient and effective formal governance
Informal Management – Relationship
  • An overview of the six different styles of contract management and how they impact relationships
  • Understanding your style of contract management; what it means for you, and how it compares to others
  • Team Chemistry – how your contract management style works with others
Formal Management – Governance
  • Setting clear management roles for each party to support the successful delivery of the contract
  • Structuring meetings and interactions to ensure value and outcome focus – the How, Why and When of communications
  • Measuring the outcomes to evaluate everything is working as it should – evaluations, reviews and audits
  • Constructively dealing with conflicts and change through variations and dispute management

Helping your organisation move to a better Return on Investment

During the previous sessions, you will have identified ways to improve how your organisation manages contracts and commercial relationships. This session is designed to help you determine where to focus your attention and how to influence change
Enabling change
  • Developing your change strategy to insight meaningful organisational change; where should you direct your focus first
  • Determine your outcomes, targets and communication strategy to support your journey to best practice
  • Identifying your key stakeholders within your organisation to pinpoint  your change supporters and champions
  • Wrap-up and Evaluation - End of masterclass