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Contract Management Masterclass

Wellington | 9-10 December
Auckland | 12-13 December 

A two-day masterclass, led by expert Dr Sara Cullen of The Cullen Group, designed to provide delegates with the understanding and skills to move beyond the traditional, more administrative role that has been the nature of contract management to a long-term results focused, strategic approach. 

The Contract Management Masterclass will give delegates a comprehensive understanding of: 
  • The strategic role contracts play in managing relationships and delivering business outcomes 
  • How to set the foundations for a productive commercial relationship from the start
  • The proactive contract management leadership required in today's business landscape   
Over the interactive two days, we'll be exploring and testing out the concepts and tools used by leading organisations throughout the globe to improve return on investment, delivery of business outcomes and ongoing commercial relationships and reduce commercial and financial risk to your organisation. 
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Learning Objectives: 

  1. Benchmark your organisation against 12 best practices, and implement the practice that will improve your organisation's return on investment
  2. Identify your position on the power curve and how to leverage this to your advantage
  3. Gain tools and techniques to strategically manage the range of contracts in your portfolio and reduce the economic risk to your organisation 
  4. Understand the three prices models and how to derive the best value 
  5. Be conversant in the critical aspects of the law affecting the management of contracts 
  6. Have your contract management style profiled and benchmarked, and see how these styles can impact your team and commercial relationships 
  7. Move beyond transactional commercial contracts, to strategic partnerships through formal (interpersonal) and informal (governance) management for better business outcomes 
  8. Develop your influencing skills to instigate changes, get real results and bring others along with you

Receive a personalised, confidential 16-page report on your contract management style and additional material to support your journey to contract management best practice; The 12 Best Practices of Contract Management, Getting Contract Management Right, The 6 Myths of Written Contract and Breaking Through with the Psychological Contract.  

Contract Management Masterclass Leader

Sarah Cullen

Managing Director

The Cullen Group

Dr Sara Cullen is a global authority on contract management, having helped over 150 organisations, in both the commercial and government sectors, spanning 51 Countries, representing contract values worth over $18 Billion. She was a National Partner at Deloitte (Australia) and Global Thought Leader on outsourcing and now performs research and teaches at universities in addition to running The Cullen Group, a boutique firm specialising in creating high-performance contracts and commercial relationships between buyers and sellers.

Sara’s in-depth knowledge is globally recognised. She is widely published, the internationally recognised author having written 19 books and 132 best practice and research publications. She conducts reviews for the Harvard Business Review, Journal of Information and Technology, and IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management. Sara has also featured in world-renowned publications such as the Australian Financial Review, BRW, The Bulletin, ComputerWorld, Directions in Government and local newspapers including the Melbourne Age, Canberra Times, Adelaide Adviser, and in NZ Herald.  

Sara leads corporate training programs covering sourcing, negotiation, and contract management and has trained over 7,000 participants across the Asia Pacific. She also regularly lectures at leading universities including Melbourne, Monash, RMIT and the Australian Defence Force Academy, in addition to universities in the Europe, Asia and North America.  

Sara has a PhD, an MBA, and a BSc. She is a Chartered Accountant (US) and a certified mediator. She is an Industry Fellow at the University of Melbourne, an associate at the London School of Economics, on the Australia/NZ Board of the IACCM and a member of the Executive Panel, Certified Contract Management Professional.  

Dr Cullen is the author of 19 books, including the best-selling book, The Contract Scorecard, and co-author of Outsourcing: All you need to know. 



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Who Should Attend?

This masterclass if for those who want to derive maximum benefit from their organisation's contracts and mitigate financial risk. It is ideal for those who are responsible for setting up the KPIs and deliverables, and managing and delivering on the requirements of a contract of commercial transactions, including:
  • Contract advisors, managers, officers, and administrators
  • Business, commercial and project managers
  • Category Managers
  • Procurement and purchasing personnel 
  • Corporate and shared services managers  


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